Make-up Artist (H&M on request)


2006年 バンタンキャリアスクール卒業後、東京にてヘア&メイクのアシスタントとして活動開始。

2007年に独立。 フリーランスのヘア&メイクアップアーティストとして活動を始め、広告やCMなどを中心に活動する。


フリーランスとしてエディトリアルやアドバタイズをやりながら、Lucy Bridge (Streeters), Shinobu (CLM) 等のアシスタントも経験。


日本のファッション業界を盛り上げるためFacebookのコミュニティページ 'Tokyo Fashion Creatives Network' を設立。日本と世界のコミニュティーを繋げる一助となる。

2016年12月 日本に帰国し、ベースを東京に移す。

Yosuke Nakajima ‘Ziima’ was born in Chiba, Japan in 1984.

In 2002, after graduating from high school, he studied about car maintenance in college and he started mechanic in 2004. Then, he got interested to do hair and makeup when he worked as car mechanic. He studied hair and makeup in Vantan Carrier School, while working in factory of car maintenance.

In 2006, he moved to Tokyo and started as hair and makeup artist.

In 2014, he moved to London. While he was in London, he had assisted Lucy Bridge, Shinobu and experienced many magazines and shows.

He established Facebook 's community page 'Tokyo Fashion Creatives Network' to boost the fashion industry in Japan. It will help to link Tokyo and the world's community.

In 2016, Even after returning to Japan, he visits between London and Tokyo.


AXA, a.d.t, ALICELEE, Everpress, Head, House of Sunny, Jamp from paper, JINS, LUMINE, Matthew Calvin, MICHIKO KOSHINO, Nestlé, o'2nd, PASONA, POLO Sports, Robert Wun, SMBC, SONY, Upscale, URBAN RESEARCH, 小田急百貨店, 伊勢丹MENS


Cake, Dansk, Eclat, Flaunt, Fucking&Young, Grit, GQ-Japan, Highsnobiety, KALTBLUT, L'official Malacia, Nasty, Noctis, Notion, Numero TOKYO, Pigeons&Peacocks, PYLOT, REVS-UK, Teeth, UOMO, Vogue Italy, 25ans


Kate Crash (Singer), SWEAT (Music band), 尾上右近, 香取慎吾, 中島裕翔(Hay!Say!JUMP), 藤原紀香, ローラ

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